Yusuke Sato, a meat expert, chooses prime meat with wonderful umami taste and rich flavor from the top-ranked Kuroge Wagyu in Japan, and provides the supreme meat for you.


Ayako Arakawa, a professional vegetable sommelier, has a strong connection with farms and carefully selects healthy vegetables grown in the farms. You can enjoy eating these prime vegetables in Hasegawa's own cooking style.



Takumi Wada, a Japanese cuisine chef, who has a 25-year experience in a Japanese cuisine field and an excellent skill for cooking, creates a new cooking style with Japanese cuisine and yakiniku. You can enjoy experiencing this new style in our restaurant.


Hirofumi Shibata, who is a sommelier and has a 25-year experience and a good knowledge of service, provides a wonderful and comfortable time for you. A Japanese style apron called kappogi is available when you visit us in a kimono.


Interior and Art

Here is the world of Kouichi Uchida, who is one of the most remarkable ceramists in the world. You will feel his art world wonderful, and find yourself armiring his art and trying to feel his unique world.